1 WAY (singular) formal the way in which something is done or happens: manner of doing sth: This seems rather an odd manner of deciding things. | in a ... manner: I felt stupid for reacting in such an impulsive manner. | The matter should be submitted to the accounts committee in the usual manner.
2 WAY OF SPEAKING/BEHAVING (singular) the way in which someone behaves towards or talks to other people: She has a calm relaxed manner. | I thought I noticed a certain coldness in his manner.
3 manners (plural)
a) polite ways of behaving in social situations: good/bad manners: She has such good manners. | it's good/bad manners (to do sth) spoken (=used to tell a child how to behave): It's bad manners to point at people. | she/he has no manners spoken: "Vic and Lesley just got up and left." "Some people have no manners." | where are your manners? spoken (=used to tell someone, especially a child that they are behaving impolitely) | table manners (=the way that you behave at meals)
b) formal the customs of a particular group of people: a book on the life and manners of Victorian London
4 in a manner of speaking in some ways though not exactly: I suppose you could call us refugees in a manner of speaking.
5 in the manner of in the style that is typical of a particular person or thing: a painting in the manner of the early Impressionists
6 all manner of formal many different kinds of things or people: We would discuss all manner of subjects.
7 not by any manner of means BrE spoken not at all: It's not over yet, by any manner of means.
8 what manner of...? literary what kind of: What manner of son would treat his mother in such a way?
9 (as) to the manner born in a natural confident way doing something, as if you have done it many times before
—see also: comedy of manners

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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